International Leader Training

PI Leadership Academy´s new International Leader -training is totally different from the traditional programs.

  • Challenges, Fun, Concrete - all in one
  • Practicing - from the very beginning
  • Success factors all linked together:
  • Knowing oneself
  • Understanding other cultures
  • Ability to plan & act strategically

During this program, you will get a lot of:

  • Practical knowledge on habits & cultures
  • Exercises on various international cases
  • Feedback from coaches and colleagues
For whom: All the managers, leaders and experts, whose one key role consists of international influencing and who want to handle successful communication in English.

International Leader - program, 3 days in a row

Pre-test: Language skills and personality

The 1st day of the camp/Better understanding

  • Improve knowledge on different cultures
  • Critical to know in each situation
  • Practice to learn and notice the signal
  • Best way to mutual understanding
  • Concrete advice regarding cultural types

The 2nd day of the camp/Effective communication

  • The basic skills: listening, asking, talking
  • Starting point: must know -list
  • Going on with communication: step-by-step
  • Argumentation and negotiation: how to do it

The 3rd day of the camp/Strategic influencing

  • Strategic way of acting: what does it mean
  • Goals for interaction: what, how and when
  • Influencing process: hands-on practices
  • Implementation and monitoring: must-do
  • Personal development project